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Clarke Penny Whistle Key of D

The favourite instrument of distinguished Tinwhistle players ever since 1843, this Clarke Tinwhistle can be considered the Stradivarius of Tinwhistles. The instrument is still made of tin-plate with a wooden mouthpiece.

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One in the Spirit
The Battle is Already Won
Another Soldier Down
Make it Sound
Gospel Train
Face to Face
Little Stream
Where the Roses Never Fade
O Sing a Song of Bethlehem/Congress Wheel
Bonus Track - Carol of the Bells
Rise - Reprise

$15 USD

© 2014

Angeline the Baker
Great Awakening
Jailhouse Rock
Star of the County Down / Congress Reel
Seven Bridges Road
Sometimes a Fiddle
I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
Running Bear
You're My Best Friend
Mule Skinner Blues
Cello Suite No. 1/Beautiful Nothing
American Trilogy

$15 USD